Hybrid Futures is a series of critical talks with leading-edge practitioners and thinkers around the interaction between humans and machines, which I have curated as part of the Digital Innovation Season, at Central Saint Martins – an exciting and challenging programme of skills workshops, events, critical talks and discussions focused on the cutting edge of digital practice in art, design and performance to explore both the theory and practice of techno-digital futures.


ŠPELA PETRIC 20 January 2021 Hybrid Futures: Of Algos, Plants and the Vegetariat

By recognising our common embeddedness within the logic of algorithms, Špela Petrič’s recent work examines the potential of machine learning, AI, and robotics to create compelling new ways of caring for Earth’s creatures and habitats.

NICOLAS NOVA 13 January 2021 Hybrid Futures: Repair as a Form of Innovation

Drawing on a two-year field study, Nicolas Nova’s talk will focus on the practices of the repairers. How do these individuals come to end up fixing users’ devices? How do they learn to handle products that were not designed to be repaired?

OLLIE PALMER 9 December 2020 Hybrid Futures: Scripted Performances

Ollie Palmer’s presentation poses the script as a useful critical and methodological tool within design, absorbing and reinterpreting ideas from behavioural psychology, computation, dance, immersive theatre, the Absurd, and the Oulipo.

DAVID BENQUE’ 25 November 2020 Hybrid Futures: Diagrams for critical algorithmic practice

In this talk, David Benqué argues that design can engage critically with algorithmic prediction using diagrams as a language.

MANU LUKSCH 11 November 2020 Hybrid Futures: Dreams Rewired

Manu Luksch’s film  traces the desires and anxieties of today’s hyper-connected world back more than a hundred years, when telephone, film and television were new.