Undisciplined Knowledges for Transversal Futures

Watch Betti’s keynote here

Designing in Transitional Times. Experiments for Future(s) imagination.

PhD Summer School. Politecnico Milano June 2020.

The Summer School wants to explore what might be defined as the Post-Covid Condition-Scenario, i.e. the emerging systemic transition which is radically transforming both our everyday experience and our societal, economic, cognitive deep structure. This world pandemic has struck our usual way to think the future and this may be an occasion theoretical and pragmatic to understand better the ontological scaffolding structure of our late capitalistic society and to think it as a possible interdisciplinary exploration of the Post Pandemic Future Cone (PPFC) (Voros, 2003). The School proposes an exploration of new epistemologies and praxis as inspirational methodological opportunities to develop an innovative RtD inquiry. In fact, it aims to explore the potentialities of an inquiry which could be meaningful for an inclusive design practice which can produce original, tacit/explicit, future-oriented knowledge in complex forms, languages, assemblages that are not exclusively textual.